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Skilled Trades in demand for Brantford, Brant, Six Nations

A report showing the demand for skilled trades in Brantford, Brant, Six Nations. A report emphasizing the local and regional career opportunities.

Quality Career Pathways Report

A report emphasizing the local and regional career opportunities in Quality Management, Control, Assurance, and Testing used to ensure the quality of products, processes and services.

Quality Career Pathways Career brochure

2012 Economic Impact Study

Post Secondary Education as a Catalyst - 2011

Post Secondary Education as a Catalyst to Economic Development. Training and education is the foundation to workforce development. This report profiles the impact of a skilled and talented workforce on supporting existing business and attracting new enterprises! Information also highlights opportunities for future training and education that will lead to Brantford-Brant achieving the status of a Centre of Educational Excellence.

Workforce Development - 2008

Promoting workforce development through partnerships. A report profiling collaboration strategies and integrated solutions for representatives of business, industry, education, training, government and the community.

The Future Is Hot - 2007

Trends Analysis of Emerging Occupations & Industry Sectors from a local, regional, provincial and national perspective.

A Collaborative Approach - 2005

A narrative report on potential collaboration between business, industry and post secondary education to address human resource solutions. Information was obtained through discussions with local employers that explored the role and potential integration between business and industry and post secondary education.

Economic Impact Study - 2005

The study highlights the economic impact of post secondary education on the City of Brantford (including the downtown core), the County of Brant and surrounding areas.

Window of Opportunity - 2005

The time is right for industry and educators to work together to create and maintain a highly skilled workforce. It is anticipated that massive retirements, due to the aging labour force, will add to shortages already evident in many sectors.
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