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Learning is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop back. ~ Chinese Saying

Board of Directors and GVES Committees

2018-2019 Executive

GVES Board of Directors Colleen Miller (President)
Amy Kendall (Vice-President)
Cindy Swanson (Secretary-Treasurer)


Vern Gale
Beth Gurney
Rebecca Godsmith
Ian Harper
Vincent Shiu
Brook Snider


Bob Ogilvie
Stuart Parkinson
Betty Anne Whitney

Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee develops policies and makes recommendations to the Board on matters pertaining to the recruitment of members and nomination of directors

Communications Committee

This group develops and implements communication strategies and information programs, publicizes events and activities, and maintains media relations on behalf of GVES. Through its website, community presentations and projects dedicated to the enhancement of post secondary education, the GVES focuses on raising the profile of; Laurier Brantford, Mohawk College Brantford and Nipissing University Brantford. Through research and report activities the GVES strives to increase public awareness of post secondary initiatives, in addition to trends and issues facing the post secondary institutions and their students.

Fundraising Committee

The efforts of the fundraising committee spans from an initial campaign to assist the Laurier Brantford campus, to raising $475,000.00+ for the Student Life campaign. The monies secured through the Student Life campaign is currently distributed equally between Mohawk Brantford and Laurier Brantford to assist with student life activities, services and amenities. A continuous challenge for the GVES is securing sufficient funds for ongoing operating expenses and administrative support of our volunteers. Multiple levels of stakeholders have commended the GVES for providing critical coordination, facilitation, and for being the "catalyst" and "community voice" for post secondary initiatives in our community. As a result, this committee continues to focus on securing the necessary financial support through community associations, organizations and individuals to support an expanding and evolving mandate.

Lobbying Committee

The lobbying committee members include community and post secondary representatives from the Brantford-Brant area. The goal and efforts of this committee is to actively work with key representatives of post secondary projects to collect critical information, newsworthy and noteworthy milestones and achievements. The committee members work to actively support these projects and generate a high profile and public awareness throughout our communities.


Sadly in 2018 we lost two champions of education in our community who will both be greatly missed. Vyrt Sisson was the Secretary Treasurer of the GVES for over 15 years; Member at Large - Syd Bolton was instrumental in providing technical support and information to all our initiatives.
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